WOW. It’s been a while.

Hi Everyone!

I am a failure at keeping up with this blog! SO MUCH IS HAPPENING! This will be a quick  update post! Also, my Poem a Day for October is going strong…in my notebook! I will include all of them in a later post to catch you all up! I’ve kept up with it, I just haven’t had the time to type/post them all here!


I GOT A NEW JOB! I start the very last week of October! I have been hired at a Substance Abuse Clinician and I couldn’t be more excited!! It will be challenging, but I know it will be worth it! Watching my career goals come to fruition has been a dream! I didn’t expect to be offered a full-time position so soon, but when opportunity knocks, you better answer the door! I am so, so excited to do something that I am passionate about! “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

OTHER THINGS: Key points –

  • Dating again is weird
  • Online dating is even weirder
  • I’ve surprisingly had some decent luck with it, but all dates have wound up as new friends rather than romantic interests thus far – not even mad.
  • I had to get Facebook again because I was asked to be the MOH in my best friend’s wedding! It will be gone again once all of the planning and all of that is done with (Next October!) I am not happy about it, but I’ll do anything for my friends!
  • My TEN YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION is coming up in January! I feel old AF! Looking forward to seeing everyone though
  • The goal to downsize all the things is going well!
  • My credit card debt should be paid off by Christmas (!!!!)
  • I am saving for a condo and hope to have my own place by next Summer!

I am currently training my replacement and trying to get everything situated before I leave this position, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for another few weeks. It’s nothing personal, life is just happening and I’m doing my best to keep up! I’ll do another post ASAP!

Enjoy your week!

Poems & stuff

I suppose it’s safe to say that I’ll post on here once a week. I’ll try to do more, but I have been slacking and I don’t want to make a promise that I can’t keep. Life gets busy. I forget to post for days, the cycle continues. I am working on that. It’s honestly amazing how easy it is to get distracted.

Life has been okay lately. I have definitely been getting myself out there more and trying to create some new, lasting friendships/relationships. I’ve met some really great people, but also some incredibly strange ones. So it goes… this process will be long and drawn out, but I am happy to report that I’m at least trying!

Anyway, on to the poetry that I’ve promised… 

  1. September days blend
    with nights that I’d rather forget
    and new memories that I’ve yet to create
    Astonishingly strange,
    foreign, even;
    but I’ve embraced this change of pace
    and if my notions serve me well,
    these regrets will soon become
    a thing of the past
  2. It’s okay to outgrow people;
    I’ve recognized that fully,
    and that’s a start, at least.
    Harder still, has been the attempt
    to reacquaint myself …with myself.
    My personality bears burdens that I do not recall
    and she can be difficult, at times

  3. An attachment still lingers,
    but not the one that most would assume.
    I’ve moved on from that.
    This one runs a whole lot deeper; 
    it’s existed for decades
    and it keeps getting stranger

  4.  I do not enjoy uncertainty
    it just seems so vicious.