Coming to terms with…

It’s been a really strange month for me. It’s like this break-up has started this weird trickle down of events intended to help me cope. I’m still upset, beyond words, but I can’t help recognize that life is proving to me that things go on, despite my emotional state.

A few new potetnial career opportunities have come up for me and I am looking forward to pursuing them. Might as well, since I don’t have anything but myself to consider at this point in time – which is both an upsetting and eye-opening realization.

I’m trying to get more excited about my own future. The part I’m struggling with is probably obvious at this point, but I need to focus on re-learning that I’m worthy of living a good life. The opportunities that have been placed on the table for me at this point were not put there by accident. They’re a sign to kick my butt into gear and start living for myself.

My heart is hurting, so badly, but time won’t stop for that. That’s not how life works.

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